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Additional equipment for the Knight's Arm:

-Shield: Just a normal shield taken from a Genoace mobile suit. On its own offers only average protection, but Sielje acquired it with intention of stacking defense - both it and the beasthide cloak used in unison. There's also a crest on it, one of sentimental value.

-Blast pike (prototype version): A mecha sized polearm, just a long sturdy rod. Instead of any kind of blade, it has a rocket propelled grenade that is primed to explode on impact. Basically a melee version of the Sturm Faust, it is hard to control when the rocket goes off but can deal large damage in the explosion. It's also not dishonorable because it is a melee weapon! For obvious reasons it's good for one use only.

EDIT: Above upgraded to
-Blast pike (mass production version): The pole itself and the head are disattachable. The explosive warhead at the end of the pike can be replaced and removed once it goes off, which means you don't need to replicate the whole pike after it serves its purpose, just carry more (slightly modified) grenades. The grenades/warheads are modified to have sockets of sorts to attach to the pole, one behind (a pike like configuration) and another on the side (a more swingy halberd like configuration).

Sielje can carry several warheads at a time, usually hidden behind the shield. Replacing a head requires some fiddling around with the pike, so it's hard to do with the enemy in your face.

This equipment can be dropped for extra mobility.
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(In case I forget, also to avoid spam.)

"First of all, be kind..."

"The fathers of mine always said to me. But I could not. When our village was destroyed, them and everyone gone... I knew I needed more. I must become strong."

"It refused to come, I worked so hard... but it refused! Then I met the Champion. Ynya... there was but the two of us at first, then there was Kimhone. Both of you were kind and so strong. Power came to you efforlessly. I was..."

"I was envious. You must have noticed, I am certain! You treated me fairly, as a friend, and I looked at you with envy. No, not just that."

"I... loved you. When we... no, when you were victorious, the saviors of Ankaia, I was willing to spend my life with you! Kimhone, Ynya, it did not matter who chose me, I would be happy!"

"But you chose each other..."

"I ran away. It was selfish of me, but I could not take it. I was bitter, I made mistakes. Mistakes that, in the end, took me to Earth. Earth, where I met people I did not even suspect would exist."

"They think little of honor as Ankaia sees it, but they are... kind, and strong, and protect each other. To look down on them is arrogance. They accepted me..."

"And again I paid back by envying them. Their power and ability. I know how much they had to endure, to suffer to reach their strength, and sometimes - because of it. I know, and yet this is how I feel!"

"This is the truth. You wanted to hear it, and so it is here! My struggles. My failures. My honest, yet horrible feelings!"

SRWU app

Jan. 20th, 2015 09:40 pm
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Player name: Cubey
AIM contact: you know this one
Alternate contacts:
Character name: Sielje
Source canon: Knight the Burned Out (OC)
Community tag: sielje
Do I want a HMD: I have one

Original canon background: A long time ago, Earth was home to ancient but advanced societies. One of them gave birth to a warrior king, whose nation was small but he ruled it with a strong yet fair hand. In time, the king grew disillussioned of the world around him - seeing nothing but corruption and scheming, two-faced politicians everywhere. He wanted to teach them a lesson, but he couldn't because his followers were few and his kingdom tiny. So he decided on a different course of action altogether.
The king's followers gathered all they could, their most advanced technology - and everyone departed on a long journey through the stars. The journey lasted for thousands of years, the people asleep onboard a metal ship. But then they finally arrived on the planet of their destination. Ankaia - their new home.
The new Ankaian society was created on values prized by the warrior king: those of personal might and chivalric virtue. It was a loose confederation of houses with no single leader, and where everyone could become a knight or even a lord - if they were honorable and strong. Ankaia had natives, fiercely territorial and aggressive creatures of all kinds. But that was all part of the plan - by engaging those creatures in combat and using their own parts to make weapons, the knights would turn their competetiveness and aggression into something that benefits everyone involved. It was almost like a game.
The Ankaian civilization has existed for thousands of years since then - its people content to exist on their own, but little did they know that a small group of them actually continued to observe Earth's affairs, using an ancient teleportation device to maintain vigilance. They acted in secrecy and were undiscovered for a long time - but that has changed recently. A few years ago, contact with Ankaian people was established by one of Earth's technologically-inclined corporations, one whose scientists detected the teleportations but decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. That was the case for Earth, but on Ankaia the news spread. Its people now know of Earth and what happens on it, and are not too pleased. Factions are starting to form, each one with a differing opinion on what to do with Earth. Some of them already begin to make a move...

Background: Years ago, even before knowledge of Earth's affairs became widespread on Ankaia, the planet was under a crisis. An evil lord threatened the existence of humanity, he used ancient technology to control the beasts and change them in strange experiments. A hero rose to oppose him, and eventually, with the help of the madman's daughter, defeated him. The hero was titled the Champion of all Ankaia and praised by everyone.
Sielje is not the hero, nor the lord's daughter or the lord himself obviously. At the time she was only a simple guard, one who became acquainted with the hero by sheer chance - and only under his tutelage did she become a knight. He was partially her mentor, and partially a friend, but when the evil was stopped the two have parted ways. The hero received all of the praise while Sielje was mostly remembered as someone who was there and managed to survive.
Still, all she could do was to continue living on her own, trying not to get too entangled with factions and politics. Yet when the conflict with Earth seemed inevitable, it was time to make a fateful decision.

Personality: Sielje is a serious and duty driven person. A true daughter of Ankaia, she lives by principles of honor, chivalry, and the desire for personal achievement. When dealing with Sielje, vows will be honored, no lie shall be spoken, and fair play will always be given.
At least that's the theory. In practice she struggles to reach her civilization's ideals. She is a human being, and humans are flawed - but she does not accept that reasoning. She is prone to beating herself up (not literally) over failings, real or perceived. At the same time, she also feels mistreated by others, over what happened during the hero's quest. She is at odds with the world and with herself, trying to hide it but not being too successful.
Having a chance to experience Earth has sparked Sielje's curiosity. She is intrigued by how different things are from back home, but also has a hard time accepting some of those differences, especially when Earth's values lie in conflict with Ankaia's. She misses home, and feels that Earth is not something she could - or should, adapt to.
In personal contact Sielje acts politely but in a distant manner. She tries not to get too close to people, though actually she is a surprisingly emotional person so it's not always successful. She does not look down on others (haughtiness is dishonorable) but is quick to take offense if insulted. She's easy to provoke into challenges or duels.
In combat, there are people who are pragmatic. And then there is Sielje who is the exact opposite, doing the honorable thing even if it's stupid. It's not that she does not understand tactics, they just tend to be for the most part dishonorable, and honor is most important over all. But once again, that is the ideal, and in practice if push comes to shove, she will value lives over chivalry, even her own life - though if that happens, she will deride herself later for being weak.

Capabilities and Resources: In a mod-only post
Position in Unity Group: None

Type: Combatant

Notes: Following notes apply to all normal machines from the canon:
They have motion capture controls. The system used for this is primitive and requires non-negligible athletic ability just to make the unit move. Think Escaflowne meets G Gundam.
They are equipped with beast hide armor and beast bone weapons. Made from fallen beasts native to Ankaia, the equipment has an interesting property - it is the more powerful the stronger its wielder. Think of it as a form of ki and channeling it: it's inner strength that grows or wavers with its owner's willpower (to some extent) and can also be trained but only to a point that varies between individuals. The quality of equipment matters too but it is secondary to the pilot's power.
A typical beast bone weapon wielded by a typical knight becomes about as potent as a mass produced beam blade, and a beast hide cloak is able to absorb mass produced beam rifle fire. The cloaks in particular are made to resist ranged attacks, beams more so than physical rounds (because beams have no mass that adds to the impact). This means a single powerful attack or blast will be more potent than a barrage of weaker ones, unless those are aimed where the knight cannot protect.
When two wielders of beast bone and hide equipment face off against each other, the effect tends to be very binary. Unless they are roughly equal, the stronger one overpowers the weaker: no selling their attacks and cutting through their armor with minimal effort.
Lastly, bone and hide equipment will slowly regrow on its own if damaged but not destroyed completely. However it happens only when it is being used or was used recently, feeding on the pilot's strength to heal.

Unit Name: Knight's Arm
Unit Description: This is a typical unit used by Ankaian knights and the closest thing they have to a mass produced mecha. It is made to resemble the form of a warrior in relatively simple armor (think splint or banded armor as opposed to plate), constructed from bone and leather in equal parts to metal. It's beast bone and beast hide so despite primitive materials used, the Knight's Arm is reasonably sturdy. It is maneuverable but not exceptionally fast, and can jump rather high despite not being able to fly under its own power.
Sielje's Knight's Arm is equipped with a beast bone longsword that can be wielded in one or both hands, and is a powerful melee weapon if used effectively. For defense it has a beast hide cloak. The cloak is made from wings and thus can be used to glide.
Overall, Knight's Arm is a melee-centric machine specializing in one on one combat and putting the pilot's skill over unit performance. A typical product of Ankaia in other words.
Size: M (15 meters tall)
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No, except gliding
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: No
Favored terrain: Ground

Upgrades: In a mod-only post

Wingmen: None

Mission requirement: Somewhere between the first and second events
Suggested Event List: In a mod-only post

Sample post: here
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Or "what is this canon about before I write a full app":

-There is a planet named Ankaia that is very distant from Earth but its inhabitants can connect to Earth using some kind of gates/teleporters
-It is inhabited by people who are biologically humans and have a millitaristic and chivalric society
-Most of them are hostile towards Earth, Sielje (the MC) is not
-Their units are equipped with beast hide armor and beast bone weapons, which are the more effective the more powerful the pilot. They also have motion capture system but it's primitive, think Escaflowne more than G Gundam

And yes this is Cubey.


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